Custom Robot Keywords are not found while running from Github Actions

Hello all,
In my robot framework repository, I am connecting to Browserstack infrastructure and running an automation on their server. It works fine when I do this on my system, but when I do the same with GitHub actions I am getting an error which says “No keyword with name ‘Get Element Containing Partial Text’ found.”.

Here is the structure of my framework:

└── PageObjectModel/
    ├── PageObject/
    │   └──
    ├── Resources/
    │   ├── Common.robot
    │   └── ApplyLoan.robot
    └── TestCases/
        └── test.robot
└── CustomLib/

The keyword, “Get Element Containing Partial Text” is defined in CustomLib/ The thing is it works fine when I run the test on my system. The problem only arrises when I use GitHub actions.

Can this be because of some kind of memory limit?


Possibly path related (absolute/relative)…, what path are you using when importing CustomLib/ as this may explain why it works locally and not on Github Actions when part of that pipeline.

Other than that I don’t really have much experience with GitHub Actions admittedly, but depending on the path you are providing on the import within the files, this could possibly be to why…


Thanks for the insight. I have used the following path for importing my Library:
Library …/…/CustomLib/

I am using a mac, but this path should also work on linux systems. I will try changing the path and see if it works.

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