Conflicts with material UI?

Hello everyone. it’s me again,

This time i’m trying to interact with elements inside a material UI app on a webpage, the html part it’s like the image:


i can see the xpaths without problems with DevTools, but no matter how i give them, the robot each time shows “Element with locator * not found” when it tries for example, check the existence and then click on a dropdown list inside the app

any clues if this is exclusive to material ui-made webpages
coz, outside of that app on the page, everything can be clicked/selected

Is the app within a frame?

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yeah, it’s like an html inside the main one


the app is inside the root element

okay just solved it with select frame:

Select Frame //*[@id=“body-content”]/div/div/div/div/div/iframe

then the keyword

For elements within a frame one must first select the frame first using the Select Frame keyword. As long as you are wanting to interact with elements within that frame once you have selected it once you should be able to. If you want to interact with something outside the frame or back on the “main page” you will need to use “Unselect Frame”. Note that Page Should Contain silently behind the scenes will perform the same as Unselect Frame and thus might change any previously called frame selection.

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