Appiumlibrary call to 'Open Application' fails for Saucelabs setup (can I get Appium server logs?)

I am trying to use Robot Framework/AppiumLibrary with SauceLabs. I keep getting a “SessionNotCreatedException: Message: Could not find API key” response. I am passing the call to Open Application via the testobject_api_key parameter, so I’m not sure why the request is resulting in an error.

I could probably figure out what is going wrong if I could see the Appium server logs. I do a similar thing with Selenium by specifying the “service_log_path” argument to the Open Browser command. But I don’t see a similar argument with the Open Application command. Is there a way to get the Appium logs so I can troubleshoot this?

I’ve found you post and thought it will be good idea to ask you if you have some manual how to properly set up everything in Robot + appium + sauce labs. Just to make it work