Keywords not recognized

Hi, I seem to have ran into some issues with my IDE (VSC and Pycharm)
Even though I can run tests in my terminal/command line, my IDE doesn’t seem to recognize standard keywords.

All the libraries needed are installed, especially Seleniumlibrary. But it seems that the most basic Keywords are not recognized.

I can run the tests in my terminal but not from the testing plugin (VSC and Pycharm)
PATH seems to look fine.


Custom keyword? Does the Path show unresolved resource under your *** Settings *** (normally shows underlined red if so in Pycharm)

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For custom keywords but also normal keywords.
So both are being shown as not defined.


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Sorry for the slow response :slight_smile:

I never really used executable path variable ${EXECDIR} and have always given them a relative path by using the following approach:
→ ${CURDIR}${/}…/folder/file.robot
→ …/folder/file.robot

From what I recall and if you hover over one of those keywords you see: “resolved name: abspath(‘.’)” and with using the EXECDIR you need to specify the value of the EXECDIR variable, this can be set in the PyCharm: Settings > Languages & Frameworks > Robot Framework > Variables …I believe or specify the value of the EXECDIR variable using the robot.variables setting.

Hopefully, others can add more to the usage of EXECDIR if needed.

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Thank you, this worked for me!

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