Looking for help presenting RF to my company

Hi Everyone,

I’m a Test Engineer working for a middle size Test Engineering Company (300+ employees).
We are currently mainly using NI products but I’m trying to explore some alternatives.

RobotFramework appeared to be a great contender and I would need help to introduce this tool to my Company.

There will soon be a global Engineering meeting (internal on several days) during which I have the occasion to talk about different ways of doing. I thought this would be the perfect occasion for a RobotFramework introduction.

I was wondering if anyone on this forum could help me to introduce this tool to my Company. This could be as simple as sharing some demo materials or, even better, acting as an external Guest to present the capabilities of the RobotFramework to my Colleagues around the world.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me privately if you would like to have more concrete details.

Appreciate any help on this!
Many thanks

Thank you Noordsestern for editing the subject, it is indeed clearer this way.

I forgot to mention that the Engineering Meeting that I’ve mentioned will be held online this year! Obivously, Covid obliges.

It will take place in the last 2 weeks of October.

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I found the best way to introduce RF to others (esp. management-level) is to automate a simple task everyone is familiar with, run it for them live (make sure they can see the command prompt as it’s running), and then show them the report and logfiles. Everyone loves seeing a bunch of big green PASS results!

I am continually amazed at this tool. I keep bumping into libraries that I didn’t know about that solve problems for me. And in the unusual case where there is no library available, I can just write my own in Python, and all of the methods/functions in that library are available immediately in RF.

RF is not perfect, but it has worked well for me in two major projects I have been involved in (one for verifying a proprietary API; one for automating mobile and web-app UIs).

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your answer. I totally agree that a palpable working demo is the best way to convince Management and also my fellow Engineering Colleagues.

However, I have to admit that I’m totally new to Robot Framework and time is playing against me, hence this request for help.

If anyone would already have a working demo or something substantial he/she could share with me, that would be really great.

Also, if there is any available kind of “Company Profile” (or in this case Foundation Profile) presentation that I could use it would also considerably help.

Thanks again!

Hey @RobotFEnthusiast,

I would say the best way to go about it is to just jump in and start making a demo using your own product that you want to automate. It is one thing to show a demo of it automating a google page or running some test API but to really sell it you need to show them how it can automate what you do already.

In terms of getting started, myself and surely others, have used the supplied demo site to get our feet wet.

Otherwise I have a shameless plug of a library my company works on called Zoomba which we created to help get new robotframework users off the ground with GUI, API, Mobile, and Desktop automation in robotframework.

Once you have it installed you can run the sample tests here to see it in action. Keyword documentation is listed at the top of the main repo page.

Hope that helps!