Xpath for dynamic id or class

How can i get the xpath that I can use in RIDE to select a drop down list , it seems that the xpath given cannot be found.

You probably want to use an XPATH expression in a keyword from a library, like for example SeleniumLibrary. The IDE, or Editor you use is not relevant for the problem, unless it is the Application/Software Under Test (AUT or SUT).

You must be sure that you can find the XPATH expression in some tool, like Developer Tools in Chrome. Then to get some help from anyone, you can prepare a small HTML code block, and the XPATH expression you are trying to use.

The XPath given by what? Please explain more clearly what you are trying to do. Whether using RIDE, or VSCode, or Notepad++ or any other IDE shouldn’t matter. Faimiliarize yourself with the dev tools console, be it in Chrome or Firefox. Hand rolling your own XPath or CSS selectors is critical when it comes to UI Test automation.