Test fails due to XPATH not found

Hello there

My Robot FW test is failing with following reason :

Element with locator ‘xpath://*[@class=‘x-grid3-row ptc-grid-row-focus’]//div[@class=‘x-grid3-row-checker’]’ not found.

But when I paste this xpath in browser the element is properly highlighted.
I thought in first half there are two values for class attributes, so I removed ‘x-grid3-row’ and then tried. But still it is failing
Please help.

Hi Anirudha,

Is the element your targeting inside a frame or iframe?

Also you didn’t mention which library you are using? this is important because the method of selecting elements within frames and iframes is different depending on which library you are using.


Try to use online Xpath finder tools.

Hello @AnirudhaK if you can’t still find the locator try installing chropath extension in your browser or katalon to locate the elements.