What's the best helloworld example to create a Library?

I found Robot Framework User Guide - Creating Test Libraries
Sorry i can only put two links max as new user

I notice the word “test” before “libraries”. Not sure how serious I should take the word “test”.

I am now reading it as simply Creating Libraries. I assume this is the right resource to start.

I have a 3 part question

Part 1

Is there like a classic hello world example for creating a library?

Part 2

Assuming there isn’t, and I like to create the following toy example as my own HelloWorld,

i call it Docker Library with the following keywords

  1. Check Docker Version: this will check the Docker version installed when the command is run on target operating system. if Docker is not installed, will return False
  2. Install Docker: this will attempt to install the latest Docker on the target operating system.

So definitely this Docker Library will be reusing keyword commands from other existing libraries such as OperatingSystem library.

Which of the 3 API type should I use? based on this Robot Framework User Guide - Different Test Library APIs

There’s Static, Dynamic, and Hybrid.

Part 3

Also if i pick any of the existing libraries to try to understand via reverse engineering, how does one tell which of the 3 types a target existing library is using from the code? Let’s use the OperatingSystem Library as an example at robotframework/OperatingSystem.py at master · robotframework/robotframework (github.com)