We need your help to improve this Forum!


We want to improve the Forum and Slack usage. Do you have ideas on how to improve the Forum itself or its usage in tandem with our Slack?

All ideas are welcome. Comment here or contact me: executive.director@robotframework.org

Your truly,

Miikka Solmela

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I don’t use the slack chanel, but maybe creating a feed and link them to the forum ?
Maybe a Q&A section (for the most asked questions… one I them I see here and then is the report)
That’s all I can see for now.
If I get any ideas, I’ll post them here!

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I think FAQ is definitely something to work on.

I guess there could be an option to link from Slack to forum as well, especially with the FAQ section. Good idea.

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Thanks for your answer.

I don’t know if it could fit in… creating a training site with “examples and exercices”
like this site : https://the-internet.herokuapp.com/ and link the site to the forum.

If you choose The Internet
what would be the code to work with checkboxes ?

Maybe a merge between The Internet and API Reference ?