Request for Feedback and Collaboration

To @all RIDE users. There are at least two ways to followup and help RIDE development (not developing):
We have a Kanban board with the things and progress we would like to do, at Project.
We have a Wish List which is in the Wiki and is open for editing with GitHub accounts (would need some cleanup, because there are things already done)
Looking at the Issue tracker, we can also have a feel of what are the enhancements, problems or difficulties users have.

Why am I posting this? Because, I have the feeling a lot of people still (or begin) using RIDE, but I don’t have a clear idea of what are the most wanted features or fixes.

(explore the project at


Well, I made it online here. I think Slack would be better for our side conversations, but I apparently have to be “invited” or added to the slack #RIDE group? And I don’t see any button to request that or even search for that. Unless I am limited to my company related groups based on my email? (Nikon).

I have a couple of questions about our recent discussions, but don’t want to overload this forum with a lot of back and forth conversation.

Got it. In order to use the #RIDE slack space, someone has to add my email to that group. Who do I contact?

Well, we have in the project at README, the link for auto invite:


RIDE is a development environment for Robot Framework test cases.

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