WARN : You might have an = symbol in url

Hi, the url is formed correctly there is no ‘=’ symbol?

INFO : &{headers} = { Authorization=12345 }
INFO : Creating Session using : alias=mantis, url= https://mytest.mantishub.io/ , headers={‘Authorization’: ‘12345’}, cookies={}, auth=None, timeout=None, proxies=None, verify=False, debug=0
WARN : You might have an = symbol in url. You better place ‘url=’ before, example: ‘url=/your-url/foo?param=a’ or use ‘/your-url/foo params=param=a’ or escape it
INFO : ${response} = None
FAIL : TypeError: get_on_session() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘url’
INFO : None

I think you just need to remove the space between ‘url=’ and ‘https://mytest.mantishub.io/



Thank you but I tried this and just got the same error, this is my code:

*** Variables ***

${MantisToken} 12345
${MantisServer} https://mytest.mantishub.io/

&{headers}=    Create Dictionary    Authorization=${MantisToken}
Create Session    mantis    ${MantisServer}    headers=${headers}    verify=false
${response}=    GET On Session    mantis    /api/rest/users/me?id=123
Log    ${response}

I’ve tried to change the code between the url variable but RIDE just puts it back. In the error log it does not show white space before the url as above. I can’t see this code can be much simpler… anyone have any thoughts.

Many thanks.

Ah I see now that the error is in your ‘Get On Session’ command which does indeed have an = sign in the ‘/api/rest/users/me?id=123’ part.

I think the solution then would be to follow the suggestion of the error message and make it:

${response}=    GET On Session    mantis   url=/api/rest/users/me?id=123


${response}=    GET On Session    mantis    /api/rest/users/me    params=id=123

or escape the = character as it says. Hope that helps,

Thank you but this still did not work. Is there a free entity which I can run a Get request against just to get a simple 200 response so I can discount postman set up.

This tutorial uses https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/users and that’s publicly available.

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