WARN = Symbol In URL using Postman.com?

Hi, I can’t understand what this warning is telling me what to do as the url is formed correctly there is no ‘=’ symbol?

INFO : &{headers} = { Authorization=12345 }
INFO : Creating Session using : alias=mantis, url=https://mytest.mantishub.io/, headers={‘Authorization’: ‘12345’}, cookies={}, auth=None, timeout=None, proxies=None, verify=False, debug=0
WARN : You might have an = symbol in url. You better place ‘url=’ before, example: ‘url=/your-url/foo?param=a’ or use ‘/your-url/foo params=param=a’ or escape it
INFO : ${response} = None
FAIL : TypeError: get_on_session() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘url’
INFO : None

For a routing issue, you would most definitely get a 40x. If it’s a whitelist/VPN issue you should be getting a 40x as well… I have no idea how the service is configured, but when using Postman, your request will be coming from a different origin–so, a potential whitelist issue. You should be able to do some basic debugging on the server-side to see if you’re even getting to the controller for your endpoint.

Verify your “Get On Session” syntax you might have wrong parameters, paste here the code to let us help you.