Using Robot Framework's python API for test automation


I am trying to use the Robot Framework’s python API to write an automation process. I want an OpenOCD to run as a daemon where I will flash a microcontroller using Telnet Commands. After the Microcontroller is flashed, various tests are performed On-target, where it checks if the embedded software is functioning correctly. The results are sent back over a different communication method (SWO).
I have managed to make the process of running OpenOCD and flashing the Microcontroller using Robot Framework’s Testsuite, Telnet, and Process libraries. However, the way I am doing it now, I am running Robot Framework keywords for Telnet and Process in the robot.api.TestSuite commands, similar to the picture below.
Is there a way to utilize RobotFramework’s python API and achieve the log.html and report.html files without hardcoding the RobotFramework keywords into the TestSuite commands?

Thank you for your time!