Using Integrated Robot Framework test cases in CI/CD pipeline

We have a Suite of automaton test cases which has dependencies from external systems. But if implemented over CI/CD pipeline then they fail if any of the external systems are not active. Can we use stubs to avoid this issue. If so, how can that be achieved ? Can someone help to suggest

Hi @Robotest,

That’s quite an in-depth discussion, short answer is probably yes, but you’ll best speak with the software devs to find out the details of the interfaces first. If your lucky the devs might already have the stubs you need from their dev environment :crossed_fingers: if not you’ll need to know the details of the interface to workout how to stub them, each one might need a different approach, depending on if the interface is initiated by your app (outbound) or the other app (inbound), if it’s a web service, file transfer, email or something else.

Once you know what each interface is, then for each type of interface you’ll need to work out the best way to stub that interface, hopefully the answer for each will become obvious once you get the answers to what they are, but if not then ask a seperate question for each type of interface that the answer is not clear.

Hope that helps,