Robot and Jenkins Orchestration Setup

Hi, I have been using Robot to help build an automation suite. This is my first time integrating it with an orchestrator, in this case I have chosen Jenkins. I have a couple broad questions that hopefully someone can help me with.

I have about 15 test suites that I want to set up “Pipelines” for, is that the correct terminology? I don’t want to manually define every “Pipeline”, are there any configuration as code ways I can do this? Or do I have to manually define 15 pipelines in my repository for each test suite.

At the moment my pipeline for a singular test suite looks something like “Clone Repository”, “Set Environment”, “Run Test Suite”, “Post Build Robot Analytics”.

Also am I thinking about this the correct way? Is a test suite usually mapped to a pipeline? I would need each of the test suites to be run at various times and have an API trigger as well for each one.

Any help appreciated, just want to check I’m on the right path. Thanks.