Upload an image

Hello Everyone!!

I am a beginner in Robot Framework !!
I want to download an image from my computer but this code :
Choose File id = photofile …Path

doesn’t work. Can someone help me please?

Please be more specific when you say:

doesn’t work.

A frequent problem with Choose File is that the locator is for an element of incorrect type. You have to be sure the element is <input> and have the attribute type='file'.

But when you provide more information, we can help you better.

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Hello Helio,

Im sorry if I did not explain the problem well.
When I run the test I get an error message (c: /images/img.png Not Found).

What is strange is that it works very well with this code, I can locate the element and download the image:
Input Text id = … c: /images/img.png

Well, Input Text has noting to do with Choose File.

I notice you have a space after the c:, maybe you just need to double-check the file path.

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Hello Helio!

I hope you are Good

Exactly it was problem with the file path.
Thank you very much Helio.

I am facing the same issue. is you issue resolved? Any recommendation how to solve this issue.

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