Unable to upload using choose file keyword

Hi Team,

I am not able to upload a file in using robot framework. My application does not have
<input> tag with attribute type='file'.
Can you suggest me any solution to fix this?

You have to paste here what it the code where the file is inputted.

Or, like I answered in the other post, you need to search better for the correct input element.


This is the html code

I have searched the entire dom for the proper input tag for upload, but could not find anything

Probably the element is in the fileUploadDialog. It must be some dynamic code generated, But I would try to see the code of that dialog for the OK or Send/Upload button.

See my answer Choose file not working properly - #10 by damies13

You will probably need to find the function “fileUploadDialog.fileUploadCallback” and see what that does.

Is this site publicly accessable? if you can you share a link to this page, I might be able to figure it out.


Sure Dave I will check the callback function and get back to you.

The site is not publicly accessible so cant share the link