Unable to start notepad.exe while using Zoomba.DesktopLibrary


I am Unable to start notepad.exe or any other exe while using Zoomba.DesktopLibrary.

I am getting the following error : WebDriverException: Message: The system cannot find the file specified

Here is my very basic setup, maybe i am unaware on how i can start a application any help would be appreciated

*** Settings ***
Documentation Zoomba Desktop Library Tests.
Library Zoomba.DesktopLibrary
Suite Setup Start App
Test Setup Launch Application
Test Teardown Quit Application
Suite Teardown Driver Teardown
Force Tags Windows

*** Variables ***
{REMOTE_URL} {APP} C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe

*** Keywords ***
Start App
[Documentation] Sets up the application for quick launching through ‘Launch Application’ and starts the winappdriver
Driver Setup
Open Application {REMOTE_URL} platformName=Windows deviceName=Windows app={APP}
Maximize Window
Quit Application

*** Test Cases ***
Wait For And Click Element By Id Keyword Test
Wait For And Click Element accessibility_id=num2Button
Wait Until Element Contains accessibility_id=CalculatorResults 2

Switch To Desktop Test
Close Application
Switch Application Desktop
Wait For And Click Element name=Start
Wait For And Click Element name=Start

Hey @franck.martin,

If you are using a forward slash you need to escape it with another forward slash like so:


Or use a backslash instead: