Error when using Zoomba to open non-native Windows programs

Hello everyone, could someone help me with the mistake I’m having.
When I’m trying to open a non-Windows application, it’s getting the following error message:

*Message: Failed to locate opened application window with appId: C:XXXXXX.exe, and processId: 18024

Despite displaying the error message, the application opens normally, but the scenario fails.

When I do the same procedure with Notepad, no error occurs.

Below is how the code is:

Does your application contain a splash screen or does the exe start a different application? You may need to specify ‘window_name’ of your final app window if this is the case in order to actually attach to the correct window here.

Documentation info:

Hi, thanks for aswering.

I’m trying open the my job’s application, the first window after click on file.exe is window to entry with credentials, user and passwords.
I don’t know if this is the problem, because When I to do the same test with notepad for example, its works fine.
I try also open the app with another library(ImageHorizonLibrary) and whe.
This application of my job is Delphi 5. Zoomba works fine with Delphi 5?

I am not familiar with Delphi 5 but it should work just fine. Notepad doesn’t have any kind of splash screen or a modal with a different appID (what I suspect is happening for you) so it runs just fine. I would try the following:

  1. Find out the window_name for your login window using something like
  2. Take that window name and supply it in the Open Browser command.

That should allow the code to open your window, find the final app window, and attach to it for commands.

Depending on what happens after you log in (such as it launching a new app or parent window) you may need to use something like Switch Application by Name or Switch Application by Locator in order to send commands to the new window.

I’ll try the procedures you suggested and then I’ll write here if it worked. Thank you very much.

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