Unable to run multiple testsuite using zoomba desktop library


I would like to run multiple .robot files in a row using the zoomba desktop library. At the moment i am unable to do so as the session ID remains between Test Suite.

This is the error i am getting:
No active session with ID CBCDB277-5299-4CA4-9E82-69AC865625BE

I am using Driver Teardown and Quit Application at the end of my test cases.

I was wondering if there is a better way to teardown the driver or to clean the session ID.


Hey @franck.martin ,

I’m going to need a bit more detail here to help and perhaps some sample code you are working with.

It looks like you are trying to reuse your current session between tests but since you are tearing down the driver after every test that will not be possible.

Hi Brandon, Thanks for the quick reply.

I was able to repro the issue using the sample.robot file that is provided. The issue only arise on the sample test at the “Switch To Desktop Test” test case on the second run.

The result of the Test case is:
Switch To Desktop Test | FAIL |
WebDriverException: Message: No active session with ID B33D92DE-3D8E-406E-9067-BE57965CCD4A

Step to repro the issue:

  • I Copied the sample.robot file and renamed the copied version sample_b.robot in the same folder
  • Navigate to the folder where both sample.robot file are located
  • launch a Test suite by opening Cmd to the above folder using the command: robot .

In my test i am using the function Switch Application By Name in my robot file, i am thinking this is where the problem arise and using the splash_delay=6 exact_match=False in Open application function.

Thanks again

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Hey @franck.martin ,

Took a look today and I believe this is indeed a bug. Made an issue for it and will look into it soon:

This has been released:

You can update with:

pip install robotframework-zoomba --upgrade
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Though I don’t currently use this Library I have to say from someone encountering the issue to bug fix and update released <7 days is very Impressive :+1:t3:

Well Done Brandon and the robotframework-zoomba team :clap::tada:

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Hi Brandon,

Thanks for the quick update. I was able to bypass the issue by creating a python script that act as a container to launch all test suite.

Also would like to thank you for the library its very useful for desktop application testing!

i will upgrade and see if it my issue is resolved.

Thanks again
Francois Martin

Robot Framework has a rich ecosystem of internal and external libraries that consist of many useful keywords that you can re-use in your ecosystem.

I will write it accordingly if I need some help!