Teardown failed

Hello, how is everything?

Personal. I am using the Zoomba.MobileLibrary library. I was also able to integrate with BrowserStack. But for some reason at the end of each run, the Robot returns the following message:

"[WARN] Keyword ‘Save Appium Screenshot’ could not be run on failure: WebDriverException: Message: Session not started or terminated

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Teardown failed:
WebDriverException: Message: Session not started or terminated "

Could anyone help me?

Hi Joāo,

I’ll qualify my answer by saying i’ve not used Zoomba , but from my experience other libraries that have given this type of error, usually this type of error occurs when the application you are trying to screen shot is no longer running.

Does this happen reliably at the same point in your test? can you watch your test running and see if the application is quitting or crashing?

Another option is to try the Screenshot Library to take an os level screen shot, then if your app has crashed you’ll either get a screen shot of the crash dialogue or a blank desktop, but at least that will give you some idea of what happened.

If this error is because your application crashed, look at the action that was performed just before it crashed, and try reproducing the crash manually (without any automation tools)

Hope this helps,


Hi Dave,

The error appears at the end of each test in different scenarios. However, the application remains open, working well without crashing. And another thing I noticed, two Test Setup and two Test Teardown are visible to me.

Do both those tear downs fail or only one?

That could be a clue, is it possible to post your robot file, it would give us a better chance of figuring out what is happening, but if you can’t because it has proprietary information I understand.

Some questions to help rule things out:

  • are you using both “Test Setup” in settings and “[Setup]” in the test? this could cause the duplication of the Test Setup
  • are you using pabot to try and run the tests in parallel or just robot?


Hi Deve!

Sorry for the delay in giving feedback. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to share the code. As for the Test Setup / Test Teardown I am only using it in my file, test.robt. And I’m just using the robot to run the tests. Another detail I would like to share is that the problem happens with the Appium library as well. As the problem occurs in both libraries, I imagine that the problem is not the Zoomba library. I also use browserstack. I managed to solve the problem (in a way), removing the step of closing the app. So the ‘close app’ is up to the browserstack. Anyway, I appreciate the help!