Unable to launch the Mainframe Terminal via RobotFramework

Hello Team, need one help running Mainframe scripts on Mac platform…i am using MacOS Monterey(v 12.2.1) and want to run my Mainframe automation script created using RobotFramework keywords…the same script is perfectly working fine on Windows machine…in my Mac, I have installed Xquartz (https://www.xquartz.org/), now when I run the script, it is throwing error of not able to launch the terminal…can anyone let me know what extra settings needs to be done please?

Hi @sayom88 ,

Which library are you using? I’m not aware of any that use Xquartz?

The ones I found as possibilities that you might be using are:


For MAC, will Mainframe3270 library works? Is there any virtual environment that needs to be set?

hi @damies13 any update plz

Hi @sayom88,

I’ve not actually used that library only, the SSHLibrary.

So reading the Mainframe3270Library documentation for Unix it mentions to install the x3270 project and offers the example brew install x3270 I know brew is available on MacOS so I would try that first.
Additionally the x3270 project has a whole section dedicated to MacOS.

Unfortunately I don’t have a 3270 server to connect to, so I won’t be able to do much more than read the doco, but if your stuck ask and i’ll try to help.