Unable to connect to DB

Please help, I am not able to connect to DB.
Seams like the issue might be related to SSL.
Can you please advise how to resolve it?

*** Settings ***
Library DatabaseLibrary
Library OperatingSystem

Suite Setup Connect To Database pymysql ${DBName} ${DBUser} ${DBPass} ${DBHost} ${DBPort}
Suite Teardown Disconnect From Database

*** Variables ***
${DBName} dispatch
${DBUser} user
${DBPass} pass
${DBHost} HostChangedForSecurity.us-east-1.rds.amazonaws.com
${DBPort} 3306

*** Test Cases ***
Check if admin is present in DB
Check If Exists In Database SELECT name FROM dispatch.admin WHERE id=1355

*error I am getting:
OperationalError: (3159, ‘Connections using insecure transport are prohibited while --require_secure_transport=ON.’)

Hi Roman,

I’ve not done this myself, but hopefully this will help,

From a quick look at the documentation I think you’ll need to use Connect To Database Using Custom Connection String or Connect To Database Using Custom Params

The documentation for pymysql’s Connection Object shows several ssl related paramaters, so you’ll need to see which ones you need.

Hope that helps,