TypeError: Cannot mix str and non-str arguments

Unable to solve this error
my code is -
${device} 55:55:55:55:55:55
${proxy}= 55:55:55:55:55:55
${method} = cxSysSNRAlert

Code -
Generate trap messages
create session nametrap ${Base_URL}
${response}= GET On Session nametrap url= /sim/trap/template/device/?device=${device}&proxy=${proxy}&method=${method}.get()

Hi Kosha,

You are going to need to explain a bit more what you are trying to do, which libraries you are trying to use and what error you are getting if you want some help.

You have stated you are not able to solve this error (but didn’t show what error you got?) and then posted some code that doesn’t look like valid robot framework syntax.

This line particularly is defiantly not valid robot framework syntax:


I’m not sure what you are trying to do here or how this relates to the previous lines? But my initial guess is this might be your issue.

Hopefully when you clear some of this up someone will be able to help you.