The Test Execution should not stop if the validations point in test case fail it should log the failure and continue with remaining script in robot framework

I have some validation points in my test case. The test case execution should not stop even if the validation parts are getting failed it should log failure message and continue with remaining script

For ex.
*** Test Cases ***
Validating Dropdown
${sums}= [‘1234’,‘455’,‘4689’,‘9837’]
${sum2}= [‘1234’,‘455’,‘46’,‘9837’]

    ${sum_count}=  Get Length  ${sums}
    FOR  ${i}  IN RANGE  ${sum_count}

    ${sums3}=  ['12','455','4689','9837']
    ${sum4}=  ['34','455','46','9837']

    ${sum_count1}=  Get Length  ${sums3}
    FOR  ${i}  IN RANGE  ${sum_count}
    ${sums5}=  ['1234','455','4689','9837']
    ${sum6}=  ['1234','455','4689','9837']

    ${sum_count2}=  Get Length  ${sums5}
    FOR  ${i}  IN RANGE  ${sum_count}

The script entire will run in for loop it should not stop even if the particular validation fails it should continue with the script and log result of each validation whether it is failed or passed

I have replied on StackOverflow.

@HelioGuilherme66 thanks for the Answer currently im validating an dropdown for that some of accounts have disabled options also so i have written script to create list of enabled options only the final list have max 4 options [[‘All’,’ create’,‘satify’,‘up’]]
this list will vary depending on the enabled options i have written some code to split the list [[‘All’,’ create’,‘satify’,‘up’]] #list may vary depending on enabled option sometimes it might be 2 options enbled smetime 3 etc
FOR ${K} IN RANGE 0 ${Final_count}
${work_string}= Convert To String ${final_list}[${K}]
${worktype_split}= Split String ${work_string} ’
i have an xpath=//div[text()=' work']/../../div/button[text()=' ${worktype_split}[1]']
the xapth is working fine for ‘up’ but for ‘All’,’ create’,‘satify’,‘ as there is one space before text in xpath but for up there is no space its like
//div[text()=' work']/../../div/button[text()='upgrade']
so how can i write IF ELSE condition that
IF ${worktype_split}== upgrade
Click element xpath=//div[text()=’ work’]/…/…/div/button[text()=‘${worktype_split}[1]’] #without space ELSE Click element xpath=//div[text()=' work']/../../div/button[text()=' ${worktype_split}[1]'] #with space

Considering the list values ${final_list} values may vary how can i run the code succesfully i have tried IF ELSE statement but it takes IF statement even if the condition is wrong