Test & release of the robot framework

Any testing framework, such as robot, is not much use if it contains bugs and generally doesn’t do what it is supposed to. e.g. if a test fails but the generated report shows it as a pass, that’s not good.

So my question is, how are releases of the the robot framework tested, and what information is available on this that I can lean on to support an argument that the data and reports it produces can be relied upon?

Please note I’m not asking this because of any specific bugs I’ve found. Just a general question.


Robot Framework is thoroughly tested (with Robot Framework itself :wink: ) .
I wonder how you missed this from the User Guide or robotframework.org site.

To save you time, the whole core Robot Framework code ecosystem lives at Robot Framework · GitHub. Specifically the Robot Framework issue tracker (Bugs, Enhancements, …) is at Issues · robotframework/robotframework · GitHub.

Other important libraries are being developed at: marketsquare · GitHub

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I find this quite funny actually as some very well known closed source (commercial) testing tools are well known for not doing any automated testing and not even being able to test themselves, I won’t name names…

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