Test case prioritisation


I have test cases in a test suite like below example:


     Log to console **This should execute last** 

     Log to console **This should execute first**

     Log to console **This should execute Third**

     Log to console **This should execute second**

and I want to run in this sequence TC2 ,TC4,TC3.TC1

There’s no built-in support to to organize tests within a single suite. Such support could be added if someone would come up with a reasonable proposal how it should actually work. What you do already now is using a pre-run modifier. They can modify tests freely before execution. See the help text of --prerunmodier and the relevant section in the User Guide for more details.

Check this one robotframework-dependencylibrary · PyPI
However I think it is not good to have specific order in the tests where each tests should run independently.

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