Test Case issue in execution

Hi all,

am not sure how to put it… Let me try to explain the issue to the max.

We have 2 Test cases one will run via API and another using UI. Both works fine it they are executed seperately… But when they are combined into a single file thats where the problem starts.

The execution of the test cases fails 1 time and next time it succeeds when ran on local MAC. If the same is run using docker, It fails everytime. Any Suggestions.

From this i’m going to guess they are using different libraries? SeleniumLibrary for the UI and Requests for the API?

I would suggest keeping them in different robot files, there is no reason they need to be in the same file and it’s possible one library is interfering with another, i’ve not had issues with SeleniumLibrary and Requests library co-existing but you didn’t say which libraries you are using and they were just my guess.

If you are just combining them for the test result, you have 2 options:

  1. put both robot files in the same dir and run
robot *.robot
  1. combine the results files after using rebot