Robot Framework Java support

Hi everyone,
I am working on POC for API tests with Java and Robot framework.
I added RequestsLibrary but I am constantly getting the error: Unresolved library: RequestsLibrary. Error generating libspec: Importing library ‘RequestsLibrary’ failed: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘RequestsLibrary’ Consider adding the needed paths to the “robot.pythonpath” setting and calling the “Robot Framework: Clear caches and restart” action.
Tried some resources from the Internet but didn’t work so far. The error is still there.

I see also that some maven plugins are outdated.
Do you support Java with Robot framework?

Please, could you give a suggestion how this error can be fixed?

Hi Ina,

Yes there is some support for java in robot framework, libraries like SleniumLibrary and SikuliLibrary need it as the Selenium and Sikuli run times are java applications.

However in your case this issue has nothing to do with java, I had this issue once before, but it only happened to me once, I’m surprised it doesn’t come up more often.

The issue is RequestsLibrary is dependant on the python requests module but doesn’t install it.

You can install the python requests module with:

pip install requests

This should resolve the ModuleNotFoundError for you,


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@_ina.yarashevich That error message is coming from “Language Server Protocol” Server aka LSP. It has really nothing to do with “does rf support java”, its just there to help your code editor give you auto complete, help, syntax highlight and such. Obviously you have issues with that but the issue is only in your editor settings, absolutely nothing to do with not being able to test java applications.

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Thank you Dave @damies13 and @rasjani

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Now libraries are identifiable.
I added python executable path to IDE settings and it started working.

Thanks for quick replies and support!

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