Test case for signup

The test case that I need to build is a signup test case with the signup after you enter your email they send you an OTP pin to the email and I need to copy that OTP and put it in to complete the signup process but that OTP pin is also available on the page in a hidden input elements value how can I get that value and then put that value in the correct input field

Here is the OTP input field and the hidden input field is at the bottom with the value inside


This should be possible with
Get Element Attribute


Or maybe with
Get Value


But if it is hidded, it may be that Selenium can not access it. Then you could use Java Script.


Thanks for the replay do you maybe have a example where you get the value from the element and store it in a variable to use later?

${code}=    Get Element Attribute    //input[@name="six_digit_random_number"]    value
Log To Console    ${code}

This should work.
The content of the attribute “value” is stored in the variable ${code}.

@JohanTS OTP also can be copied from Email using IMAP library and can be put it into required field

I have seen the Imap library But am struggling to get it to copy the value and paste it in the correct field

I have handled it… I can share you the code

Open Mailbox    server=smtp.gmail.com    user=xxxx@gmail.com    password=xxxx
${LATEST}=    Wait For Email    fromEmail=xxxxx@gmail.com    toEmail=xxxxx@gmail.com   subject=xxxxx
${parts} =    Get Email Body    ${LATEST}
@{words} =    Split String    ${parts}
Input Text    css=input[name="otp"]    ${words}[39]
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@JohanTS code worked for you

I just get this error backElement with locator ‘//input[@name=“six_digit_random_number”]’ not found.

This can work but at the moment We are testing with random emails and then just get the otp from a hidden field

But with a real mail message this works thank you

Hi @nagarajhebbar can help me also with that code im working also with email otp and I’m stock on it. Can you provide a sample video on how to integrate? Thanks a lot

I can provide the code if you need it please let me know and share me the emailaddresss

Hi @nagarajhebbar here it is ryeloie13@gmail.com Thank you so much.