Template could execute Parallel?

hi all:
i am use robotframewrok for test http interface such as

*** Test Cases ***
    [Template]    template_test1
    ${1}    ${10000}    ${plate_num}    ${channel}    ${captime}    ${time}    ${plate_limt}    asc    ${httpcode_success}    ${vehicle_path_result1}    pathTime
    ${1}    ${10000}    ${plate_num}    ${None}    ${None}    ${None}    ${None}    asc    ${httpcode_bad_Body}
    ${1}    ${10000}    ${None}    ${channel}    ${None}    ${None}    ${None}    asc    ${httpcode_bad_Body}
    ${1}    ${10000}    ${None}    ${None}    ${captime}    ${None}    ${None}    asc    ${httpcode_bad_Body}
    ${1}    ${10000}    ${None}    ${None}    ${None}    ${time}    ${None}    asc    ${httpcode_bad_Body}
*** Keywords ***
    [Arguments]    ${page_num}    ${total}    ${plate_num}    ${channel}    ${captime}    ${time}    ${plate_limt}    ${sord}    ${code}=${200}    ${response}=${None}    ${ignore_list}=[]
    ${response}    rest_post_vehicle_path        ${plate_num}    ${channel}    ${captime}    ${time}    
    check_reposne    ${response}    ${code}    ${response}    ${ignore_list}  

due to we have many case like this .execute one by one may cost much time .does robotframework have method support templte execute Parallel. who could help .thanks

who could help this

Have seen pabot GitHub - mkorpela/pabot: Parallel executor for Robot Framework test cases.

yes i have see the pabot.but it seems that is used for testcase not for the templete

You might want to look at this:

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