T-shirt that says I heart RF

Robot Framework has made my work so much easier and organized and I have learned so much in the process. Great job all. Do I need permission to make a RF t-shirt that says I heart RF with the logo? I’m also an artist so I don’t want to use artwork without permission. And yeah I’m that nerdy, but I’m proud of what I do and want to share it.


Good question and great idea, @gsj !

On GitHub are some guidelines about robotframework visual identity. You also find the original logo there GitHub - robotframework/visual-identity: Guidelines and assets related to Robot Framework's visual identity

But the guidelines seem not up-to-date. Robotframework is a registered trademark by now, so I suppose there are some more serious restrictions nowadays. But I don’t know. I am just a happy RF fan boy :slight_smile:

To be sure, you should contact @IsNoGood . He is chairman of the board. You find his contact on the robotframework foundation website:


Looking forward to your design!


Why not? :slight_smile: If you are doing it only for your yourself I see no problem. Just check the guideline. If you want to get it to our shop, you need to talk to Ed Manlove. I forward this to him. Btw. Great way to contribute. About the trademark, @René is the one who can comment.

Ok great. Thank you. Something like this.