Suite setup failed: timed out

Hi All,
Normally on execute RFW(Robot Framework) command is works as expected for first time.

However, when we try to run the RFW command again within a few seconds(<8 sec) from the previous RFW run. We getting “Suite setup failed: timed out” error and the terminal hangs.

If we abort the hanging terminal and run RFW command in a new terminal which result the expected behavior.

If we just wait for more than 8 sec between two consecutive runs, then the results is expected behavior.

Really, do we have sleep or hold DLTLibrary.Disconnect() in rfw ?

Seems that the problem is not with RFW but with the keywords/library you are using.
Suite Setup fails because there is some condition causing the timeout. Maybe you have a connection/port already in use and your library/api cannot run the Suite Setup.
(I don’t know what is that library you mention).
Perhaps you should have a Suite Teardown to close all connections.

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Thanks to narrow down issue location.

We execute the commands in below sequential order:

  1. Suite Setup - which to connect to DLT as first step
  2. run test cases - which is to run test cases sequentially
    3 ) Suite Teardown - which to disconnect DLT as end step

**** Suite setup failed: timed out
Also suite teardown failed: OSError: [WinError 10057] A request to send or receive
data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagram socket using a sendto call) no address was supplied

You probably need to have in teardown a more drastic cleanup command. For example, using Process library:

taskkill /F /IM "name of the program that creates the connection.exe"