Standard libraries empty after upgrading RF 3.2.2 to 4.0.2


I have a big problem.
I have update my RF library with the latest version (3.2.2 => 4.0.2) and when I open my Eclipse, the “Robot Standard libraries” contains empty folders and I don’t know why… Consequently, all my native keyword are wrong…

For information, I have only used pip command to update “robotframework” library

Thanks for your help !

Have you upgraded RED, too? The internal structure of Robot Framework changed drastically with version 4, therefore I believe an update is available for RED/Eclipse.


I thought about this solution but when I open the Eclipse MarketPlace and go to “Installed” tab, the “RED” plugin is displayed but no update is possible.
You think I should uninstall/install the plugin ?
I notice that even the others libraries I have installed manually are HS. For the moment, I rollback with the 3.2.2 version until i can use the new version.

Perhaps I have the answer.
Apparently, the RED plugin is not yet compatible with RF 4.0…
I hope the issue will be fix soon :slight_smile:

=> RED doesn't find Builtin-Libraries with RobotFramework 4.0b1 · Issue #413 · nokia/RED · GitHub

Oh, I thought that had happened already.

If it helps anything: you can use RF 3.2.2 for development in RED, but already use RF 4.0 in execution. Most things work the same.