Simulate session expiration time

Hello all…
I hope you can guide me…
I need to test that a session expires after certain time (in this case is 10 minutes…)
Is there a way to simulate the 10 minutes using robot ? or is this a test that can not be automated?

Thanks a lot!

Would having the next step, help your case?

Sleep    10 minutes

Given that all my tests run one after the other, is not an option… it would increase the execution time a lot… but thanks!

You need to test that a session expires in 10 minutes. This means you need to wait 10 minutes, to verify the session is expired? If not that, what do you want to do?

Sorry, its my first post here and maybe I didn’t explain correctly… Yeah, I need to test that after 10 minutes, the session expires… but I don’t want to use sleep, because it means that my test will have to really wait the 10 minutes to validate… that’s why I would like to know if there’s a way to ‘simulate’ this 10 minutes or if it is not possible and I should forget the automated test and leave it manual…

I don’t get it. If you do it manually, you still need to wait 10 minutes.

You could use a timeout for the test, but that would be a bad test because the session could have expired before the 10 minutes.

You can use pabot to run the tests in parallel, being that specific test in a separated test suite (probably the first to run).

The point is, you cannot simulate the session expiring time, because it would not be the real test. Other possibility is to modify the app/code, so that the time is lesser by some factor (one minute, for example), and then assume if it is OK for that smaller time, then it will be OK for a larger.

Thanks a lot! you are right!.. you just answered my question… Thanks again