How is it possible to have timeout in sleep keyword?

As you can see in picture 2 previous “sleep 10” are ok but last one fail after 6 seconds. Any idea what could be the problem?

Its not the timeout for the sleep command rather it seems you set a timeout for the entire test execution like in the first answer here:

*** Settings ***
Test Timeout    2 minutes


*** Test Cases ***
    [Timeout]    1 minute
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hhmmm… that was the problem but I don’t understand why because I have had that 120 sec test timeout there couple of years without problem.

Same time this problem appeared I have now also timeout problems with screenshots.

Hmmm this perhaps was not an issue in the past since the test was running quicker…I find it odd that your capture page screenshot is taking so long. In your first screenshot where it succeeded it took 45 seconds which is quite long…

Perhaps run your test with log level set to debug so we can see what call is taking so long on those keywords

@PikkuRobotti It seems that this may be an issue with latest chrome as my company is seeing it internally today.

Yep, I change chrome 87 version to 86 and now tests seem to work