Select Options By in Browser Library fails even though it finds the value

When I use the following I get a timeout error:

Select Options By xpath=//select[@id="action"] value edit

However if I allow it to ignore the error it actually selects the correct option

This works:

Run Keyword And Ignore Error Select Options By xpath=//select[@id="action"] value edit

I use this menu a lot and my time out is set to 120 seconds so this makes my tests take forever. Is there a better way to select an option for a list?

    <select class="btn btn-primary btn-xs" id="action">
        <option value="0"  disabled selected hidden>Action</option>
        <option class="action_menu" value="edit">Edit</option>
	    <option class="action_menu" value="copy">Copy</option>
	    <option class="action_menu" value="delete">Delete</option>
	    <option class="action_menu" value="lock">Lock</option>	    
	    <option class="action_menu" value="unlock">Unlock</option>
	    <option class="action_menu" value="submit">Publish</option>
	    <option class="deletefolder" value="deletefolder">Delete folder</option>


Are you able to confirm if this is the first action you’re doing on page load? If so, it could just be the case of waiting for said option to be visible/said state before interacting with it.

Browser library is very quick so this sounds like you just need to slow it down a little, without more context on the steps prior to the select.

You’d be able to use the below before if this is why: