Save results in a .txt file

I have several testcases and I want to get the result of each one of them (PASS or FAIL) and save it in a .txt file. Is it possible to do it?

This is very similar to your description:

You can use the Robot Framework API to easily parse the Execution Result file and get the information you want.

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Hi Carlos,

There are many ways this could be achieved, including using the API as Many mentioned above, using Listeners (like I do in rfswarm)

But probably the easiest way is to simply create a keyword for logging the test result and call it with a Test teardown.

Your keyword would combine the Automatic variables ${TEST STATUS} and ${TEST MESSAGE} with Append To File to write the text file.

You might find other Automatic variables useful too, e.g. ${SUITE NAME} might be useful for the filename of the text file you want to create.
You may also want to log the ${SUITE STATUS} and ${SUITE MESSAGE} to the same file from a Suite teardown