Run process work locally but NOT on Team city

I am using Run process keyword from Process library to execute .exe file. Locally it works correctly but once I commit it to git and its run from Team city the rc does not equal to zero so the .exe file is not run or its not run correctly.
When doing commit to git, there is a message “LF will be replaced by CRLF” but it should not cause any issues.
Did anyone encounter this sort of behavior?

Hi Marek,

Lets go on a journey of elimination…

First, though it’s probably not related, lets get rid of the message “LF will be replaced by CRLF”, change your editor to use CRLF instead of LF, save the file and run your robot file locally, still works the same? hopefully yes, so check it in with git and that message should be gone? did the Run process keyword work in Team city now?

Second, if we are still getting an error with the Run process keyword in Team city, get the log.html generated by the robot Team city ran, what errors did it have?

Third, if there were no useful errors in the log.html, lets try changing you robot file to get some more detail Run Process documentation gives the example for getting the stdout, so try adjusting your robot file to something like this:

${result} =	Run Process		<your exe file>
Log		${result.stdout}

Then check that into git and see if the log.html generated by the robot Team city gives you more detail?

Hopefully if you got this far the issue will be obvious.


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So the whole issue was about missing DLLs on Team city agent. So once we added those DLLs into agent’s template, the Run Process started to work again.
Took me some time to find out the source of this issue, thanks for your answers.

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