"Run Keyword In Seperate Thread" Problem

Hi there,

im testing a Java-Swing-Desktop-Application on a LINUX. For this I am using robot-framework with RemoteSwingLibrary.

So far it works amazing!

Yesterday tho i stumbled upon a problem which I just cant seem to solve, even tho im super confident with my solution.

so the problem is:

in the desktop application that im testing, there is a “SaveButton”.
When i click on it, a popup appears with “OK” and “CANCEL” button. (i click on it with the keyword: “Click On Component saveButton 1”)

Unless the “OK” and “CANCEL” button have not been pressed, robotframework is stuck and not continuing the script. It also doesnt timeout. it just waits FOREVER for the “OK” and “CANCEL” button to be pressed.

I assume that robotframework is waiting for a return value and will not do any action before it returns.

So i thought to myself, ok, lets use the keyword “Run Keyword in Seperate Thread” so that one thread clicks on the “SaveButton”, while the other thread sends keyboard event “ENTER” to take care of the popup, but it does not work.

this is the script:

this is the log:

this is how he is stuck, if i use “Click On Component jButtonFirmSave 1” without the “Run Keyword in Seperate Thread”:

as you can see, he is stuck at the stage “click on component” forever, instead of continueing with “Sleep 5s” and “send key event ENTER”