RobotFramework: Drag And Drop Selenium2 Keyword seems not to work

Output I get is **test shown as PASS.

Element highlighted in Yellow RSI ProductiD 13 need to be drag and drop on left panel under Product.

  • RSi Product ID 13
  • Please help

    Hi Ketran_r

    What have you attempted so far, is it possible to share the test for this?
    Are you using the keyword Drag and Drop that SeleniumLibrary or the offset one?
    But you’d probably need to provide little more information for anyone to give you a possible working example or any help to why it may not be working, but the drag and drop keyword is fairly straight forward in terms of giving it what you want to take to where, but as we cant see the html its a little hard to give an example other than what the documentation shows for an example.

    Providing a snippet of the html, the locators and you’re current output (for possible errors) would be very useful and the current test for how you have the keyword to.


    Thanks for your reply!
    Offset and without Offset

    Looks like possibly, you’ll need to use select frame keyword or the switch window keyword first (cant tell alone from the small snippet, but looks to be a window from your og post), then you should be able to use drag and drop keyword thereafter.

    In terms of the element locator to be used for Drag and Drop: //span[text()=‘RSi Product ID 13’] should work, but the snippet doesn’t show the target so you’d have to figure that out.

    Hope that helps.

    Hi Daryl,
    If I am not wrong ,We are not using frame or any switch window , as I can able to perform search actions on that pop up and after that I need to drag that search result element to left side under product

    Code Snippet-