Robot Framework Getting test execution status in real time

i am working on a project that needs the test step execution status to be sent to the client interface right when the keywork execution ends i am using Grpc to make the api call for the method that runs the tests, according to the specifications in the request i am wondering how i can achieve this i tried running the robot tests in a thread but it didn’t work as intended any leads please , i am new to robot framework

one possibility to report the test execution status in real-time is the Listener Interface of Robot Framework

You can find a few simple examples here:


Hi Louay,

As @Many mentioned, you’ll need to create a listener, specifically you want to use the end_keyword function in your listener, depending on what version of robot framework you are using depends on the type of listener you use

  • Robot Framework 7.0 or higher you can use the v3 listener with end_keyword
  • Robot Framework below version 7.0 you need to use the v2 listener with end_keyword as end_keyword was not added into v3 listener listener api until version 7.0

If you are not familiar / comfortable with writing python, then there is also the listenerlibrary

Hope that helps,


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thank you very much Many

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thank you damies for further clarifying i appreciate your kindness

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