Robot Framework 7.0 alpha 1 has been released!

Robot Framework 7.0 is a new major release with native VAR syntax for creating variables, support for mixing embedded and normal arguments with library keywords and various other enhancements and bug fixes. Robot Framework 7.0 requires Python 3.8 or newer.

Robot Framework 7.0 alpha 1 is especially targeted for external tool developers for testing how backwards incompatible changes and deprecations possibly affect their tools. We can still make adjustments or even revert problematic changes before the final release.

We’d also be grateful for feedback related to the new VAR syntax and other new features. It is much easier to make changes now than after the final release is out when we need to take backwards compatibility into account.

For more details about the new features, installation instructions, and so on, see the full release notes.


The second alpha release is now out and release notes can be found here.

Huge thanks for everyone who tested the first alpha. Some regressions and other incompatibilities were reported and they ought to all be fixed.

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