Robot Framework 6.0 - language fr - BDD prefixes doesn't work

Robot Framework 6.0 - language fr - BDD prefixes doesn’t work

I tried to use the prefixes in French “Etant donnée”, “Lorsque”, “Alors” instead of “Given”, “When”, “Then” but it seems that robot framework does not recognize these prefixes.

In the logs i have the following error :
“No keyword with name ‘Étant donné un responsable est connecte’”

With “Given” i have no problem.

My script :

language: fr

*** Unités De Test ***
Etant donné un responsable est connecte

Please verify if you really wrote:
Etant donnée un responsable est connecte

I try with “Etant donné”

I tried : “Étant donné” but it doesn’t work.
“Lorsque” and “Alors” works

Localized BDD prefixes consisting of more than one word didn’t work:

This bug has been fixed and the fix is included in the just released RF 6.0.1.