Robot Framework 5.1 alpha 1 has been released!

Robot Framework 5.1 is a new feature release that starts Robot Framework’s localization efforts and also brings in other nice enhancements. Robot Framework 5.1 alpha 1 is the first preview release targeted especially for people interested in translations. It supports the following languages in addition to English that is automatically supported:

  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese

All these translations have been provided by our awesome community and we hope that the list gets longer before the final release. If you want to help with translation efforts, head to Crowdin that we use for collaboration. Issue #4390 contains some more information and we also have a dedicated #localization channel on our Slack for further discussion.

For more information about RF 5.1 alpha 1 release see the release notes.


There’s an annoying bug in RF 5.1 alpha 1 that affects Czech, French and Portuguese translations. The bug is already fixed and I’ll create alpha 2 later this week. We also got two new translations, Polish and Thai, that will be included.

If you are working with a translation or some feature/fix you’d like to see included, let me know and I can wait a bit with the release!!

RF 5.1 alpha 2 has been released! It contains a fix to the aforementioned bug as well as new Polish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Thai translations. For more details about the release see the release notes.

Thanks for all contributors and for Robot Framework Foundation for sponsoring my work!