Maven robot framework parallel execution


We are using robot framework java port for test automation. we run the tests with Maven .
We have implemented custom keywords with java.
i would like to know if we can run the tests with robot instead of maven. If its possible could some one help me on the understanding.
I tried running with jython but its throws error for all the custom keywords built with java.

Thanks in advance.


Cant you paste the error you Are receiving?
Which version of robotframework are you using?


Robot framework version - Version: 4.1.2
when in execute jython -m robot test.robot

Below exceptions are thrown:
Setup failed:

  1. No keyword with name ‘Set Screenshot Directory’ found.

“Set screenshot directory” is the custom keyword created in java.

  1. Importing library ‘robot.javarobot.Utilit
    ies’ failed: ImportError: No module named javarobot
    This error is thrown for the java classes that i have in robot.javarobot package
    My tests are running fine with maven, I would like to know if the java port of robot framework can be executed as a robot test. If yes pls assist me on these issues.
    I can upload only one image