Ride and Data Driven Tests

Hi, does someone know good instructions or example how to do Data Driven Tests with Ride?

Here is an example of Data Driven Test with RIDE:

Test suite:

*** Settings ***
Test Template     Login with invalid credentials should fail
Library           Process
Variables         my_login_app_variables.py

*** Test Cases ***    USERNAME         PASSWORD
Invalid User Name     invalid          ${VALID PASSWORD}

Invalid Password      ${VALID USER}    invalid

Invalid User Name and Password
                      invalid          invalid

Empty User Name       ${EMPTY}         ${VALID PASSWORD}

Empty Password        ${VALID USER}    ${EMPTY}

Empty User Name and Password
                      ${EMPTY}         ${EMPTY}

*** Keywords ***
Login with invalid credentials should fail
    [Arguments]    ${username}    ${password}
    ${result}=    Run Process    python    ${CURDIR}/my_login_app.py    ${username}    ${password}
    Should Be True    ${result.stdout.startswith("Invalid")}

Variables file (my_login_app_variables.py):

# Variables definitions fot the Login app

Application under test (my_login_app.py):

# Simulates a Login app
import sys
from my_login_app_variables import VALID_PASSWORD, VALID_USER

def do_login(username:str, password:str):
        if  username == VALID_USER and password == VALID_PASSWORD:
            print(f"Authentication OK")
            print(f"Invalid Credentials")
if __name__ == "__main__":
        do_login(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])
    except IndexError:
        print(f"Usage: python my_login_app.py  Username   Password")

Screenshot of RIDE Grid Editor:

Screenshot of RIDE Text Editor:

Example of Run:

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