ReRun Skipped Testcases


How can I rerun skipped testcases ?

I have two environments. Some tests can executed on either one…

So I want to execute the testcases on one and then rerun the skipped and failed ones in the second one.

The problem is that the rerun doesnt happen unless there is failed…

Any tips on this…


Why don’t you set tags on your tests and run a certain tag on the first environment and the second tag on the second environment?

That is not a good solution for me because the environments will change in the future and then I need to mess with tags again . I use tags to categorize testcases. I find that more practical. then I never have to change that tag again.

for the testcase, I want it to decide where it executes or not and it seems it is not possible currently to rerun skipped.

Currently my solution is that I just fail the testcase instead of skip.