Request for Translators of RIDE

RIDE is moving quickly to have version 2.1 for Beta release. This version allows to parse Test Suites having the setting Language: for languages supported by Robot Framework 6.0. The user interface of RIDE is also translated.
Currently, only the languages Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil region) and Dutch are at 100% validated.
We need more people doing their own language validation!
Please see the translation project, at Crowdin(you can register an account and then ask me to validate your role as Translator, by email or preferably on our Slack)

You can see an example of translated RIDE in this message at our Forum: New Feature in RIDE v2.1.dev33 (Using different settings files)


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This is an update of the state of the translations:

  • Current development version of RIDE is 2.1dev38
  • Languages at 100% validated: Dutch, Portuguese (PT and BR)
  • Languages needing validation at 100% Machine Translated: French, Italian, Polish
  • Languages needing Translators/Proofreaders (at least one person): All, except Portuguese, Dutch, French, Polish, Spanish.
  • Languages not started translation and not possible Machine Translation: Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese Traditional, Hindi, Hungarian, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Please promote this need for translators and potential users of RIDE!

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In this RIDE GitHub Issue, is an example of test suites with content in different languages as supported since Robot Framework 6.1.

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