New Feature in RIDE v2.1.dev33 (Using different settings files)

I am highlighting this new feature, in today’s development code.

  • Allows to have separate settings depending of the Python executable
  • From command line, we can set an alternate settings path


What we can see in the two RIDE instances:

  • Top: English UI, Detached Files Explorer, DataDriven login - Test Suite file, Execution Profile robot, Running in Python 3.12.2.
  • Bottom: Portuguese UI, Docked Files Explorer, Titanic - Test Suite folder, Execution Profile another robot, Running in Python 3.10.9.

Not visible, but they use different settings file and temporary directory. Tests ran simultaneously.

Visible a new bug, on top RIDE :smiley:

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Well, it’s not a Bug, it’s a Featue :smiley:

  • The Project Explorer was captioned Suites de Teste, which is Portuguese for Test Suites

This happened because we always copy (and merge with default settings) the existing settings, and since they were in Portuguese, the caption was copied. Editing the settings at the AUI Perspective field solves the issue.
Still could be a Bug when we change the language, but that is a Test TODO :tm:

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